A child real success story

A child real success story

Friends, although we are all from a normal and middle-class family when we see very poor people, we do not like seeing their condition at all.

A child's real success story

I want to share the story of a poor man who lived in our neighborhood.

He was 15 years old. His family's condition was so bad that his parents sold him for a few months at the age of 2.
A few years later, the wife of the person who bought her dies.
 And the man again remarried, the child he had bought.
After his new wife arrives, when she finds out that he has bought from her, she does not like it at all and she hates him, she mistreats him.

Facing such a problem, the boy started working in the garage, in which he received 500 a month. He continued to work in the garage for a few years,
But seeing all the children going to school, he also felt that he would go to school but was forced to study from his poverty.
This went on for several days, then one day he thought that if this continues
Then I will continue slavery like this and will never be able to meet the needs, then
He thought he would run away and he took his month's salary and ran away from there at night.

A child real success story

In the morning, people started tuning from his house everywhere, but he could not find them,
Because the people in his household did not have their own boys, so
He did not care for her very much and stopped tuning after a few days.

He had a passion for doing something in a boy because he had a passion for becoming something because he always had the same thing on his mind,
How can his family sell him? That too, someone else is an orphan after not having a parent and I am an orphan even after being a parent.

He had no work, he slept at the station for 1 week, used to ask for work every morning from people and sometimes used to sweep, sometimes he would pick up plastic bottles at the station and sell them in cannabis.
While doing so, he raised money and started selling agarbatti on the street and people started buying incense sticks from him and after a few years, he opened a big shop for incense sticks and that shop started running a lot.

And gradually he took his home in Goregaon, Mumbai and gradually increased the business of incense sticks everywhere and even with such a small business,
Suru kept on increasing it. Friends, you would not believe that today he is the owner of crores. But still, his parents did not listen to him and then after 7 years he came back to our area and could not recognize him with us. Then he told everyone, people were shocked to hear him. He asked his parents to find out his actual parents' address.
He asked to meet them and finally, he met his real parents and without question brought them home and started serving them.

A child real success story

So friends, although he could not read with a bad problem, the sacrifice inside him and Josh forced him to succeed. Therefore, never pretend to show yourself to do something, whenever you will become a successful man and you will get success.

My main motive for sharing this success story was that along with him you should work hard for success.

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