Akshay Kumar Real - Life Story

Akshay Kumar Real Life Story

Before becoming popular, Akshay played the role of Marcel Art Instructor in the Mahesh Bhatt film Aaj. Akshay says that his face was not shown in the film but his name in the film was Akshay. Seeing the same thing, Akshay had named Akshay.

Akshay said that I did not like his studies at all, so he had formed a gang in his school named Bloody Ten. Akshay told that he was very afraid of his group.

Akshay Kumar's father Hariom Bhatia used to work as an accountant in the United States before his father was in the Army.

Akshay Kumar was inspired by his neighbor for Marcel Art. 

Akshay Kumar told that when he was in class 10, 1 boy used to show off daily near his house by showing Marcel art. By looking at the same thing, Akshay will also want to learn his art.

All of them will know that Akshay worked as a waiter in a hotel in Bangkok, but very few people will know that he has also worked in a hotel in Dhaka and he has also done an agent job in Calcutta.

Akshay used to work in a jwellery shop after coming back from Bangkok.


     Akshay Kumar is a blackbatholder in taekwondo and it took him 6 years.

Abbas Mastan had to do a stunt in the director's film, in which Akshay had to hit a jump,
 then Akshay would have charged the producer if the stunt was a stunt man. The producer said that 10,000 rupees were again taken by Akshay himself from the producer and after the stunt shoot was over, he gave 5000 stunts to the man and the rest of the people worked there.

In the film Khatron Ke Khiladi, Akshay Kumar and Undertaker's Fight Scenes act, the Undertaker who is shown is not an under-taker but his identity is banlieue.
There was also a match with During the fight scenes of Akshay Undertaker, Akshay was injected in his backbone, due to which he was also used for months.

He has been the Hindi film industry's highest advance taxpayer for consecutive 6 years. He paid 19 crores. He started a production house called Grazing Goats for supporting low finance films.
He wakes up quite early in the morning, stays in shape with a combination of kickboxing, basketball, swimming, and parkour.

The man finally gave into domestication marrying Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia's elder daughter, Twinkle Khanna on December 12.

Akshay Kumar is certainly one of the biggest inspirations in Bollywood. His life story can motivate anyone.

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