What is the reason for the removal of the lockdown in China ?

Friends, by the way, we all know that coronavirus was first introduced to China and now this virus has spread in almost all the countries.
But now people are recovering from this virus in China and I want to share the reason with you.
There are about 81,340 cases and death of 3292 in China.

He finds out from 1 Chinese Person that locker has been completely removed. The reason for this is that there are so many dead bodies with this virus Death was done, modemed and detected them What is the cause of actual death and how to control it. And now it is known that they came to know his reason, so they have removed the locker. I want you all to reach all the reasons. That's why I shared all those reasons with you.

Follow the given CoronaVirus causes Reasons and its protection below.

Respiratory Problem:- Respiratory problem causes infection to accumulate in the throat and blocks oxygen from entering. That is why people need a ventilator.


Method 1:- 

The infection remains in the throat before going into the lung, if you neutralize it on the same, it will not cause death.
Drink hot things like tea, coffee, hot water with turmeric and your frozen infection with it will go to your throat.
And in the stomach, the gastric juices will neutralize the balgam.

Method 2:- Just like it will be salted with saltwater, it will be gargled with turmeric water.

Method 3:- You have to strengthen your immunity. Take vitamin C Regularly, it will increase your immunity.

Method 4:- When you go out of the house, always use the mask and hand sanitizer. Actually, this virus also comes in hair and it also comes in clothes.
So wash your clothes with soap and detergent always, and wash the hair and body completely by showering. And if you accidentally touch a Metallic Thing, then this Metallic Thing remains 9 hours. So you clean it with regular alcohol-based spray or liquid cleaning.

Method 5:-  Do not eat any cold things like ice cream, cold drinks, use as much hot water as possible. By knowing all these reasons and its protection, now this virus has reduced very little in China and due to which the locker was removed.
Then, friend, you should also follow it and prevent it from spreading.

Last and Final Point:- Do not Scare from any type of wrong information viral videos, social media. stay home and be safe we will win from this virus.

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