Story On Complaint - Short Story

A man was bubbling while walking through the desert, "What a useless place it is, there is no greenery at all ... And how can it be there, even there is no sign of water." As he was moving in the sweltering sand, his anger was also increasing. Finally, looking at the sky, he said, "God, why don't you give water here?" If there was water here, anyone could grow trees and plants here, and then this place would have become so beautiful!

Speaking like this, he kept looking at the sky… as if he was waiting for God's answer! Only then does a miracle happen, as soon as he sees it, he sees a well in front of him! He was coming and going in that area for years but till today he had not seen any well there… He was surprised and ran to the well… The well was filled with water.

He once again looked up at the sky and instead of thanking him for the water, said, "The water is fine but there must be a solution to remove it." He used to say that he saw the rope and bucket lying next to the well. Once again he could not believe his eyes! He looked at the sky with some nervousness and said, "But how will I carry this water?"

Only then does he feel that someone is touching him from behind, and in retrospect, a camel was standing behind him! Now that man is very nervous now, he feels that he should not get caught in the work of bringing greenery in the desert and this time he starts moving fast without looking at the sky. Now he had taken only two or four steps that a piece of flying paper comes and sticks to him.

It says on that piece - I gave you water, a bucket and a rope… You also gave me a means of carrying water, now you have everything you need to make the desert green; Now everything is in your hands! The man stayed for a moment… but the next moment he moved forward and the desert never became green.


Friends, many times we blame others for not doing things according to our mind… Sometimes we blame the government, sometimes our parents, sometimes the company or sometimes God. But in the affair of this Blame-Game, we ignore the important fact that as a human being, we have the power that we can make all our dreams come true.

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